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Watch out! Rockstar's Surprise Update breaks game....

  • For those who don't check for RS's scheduled updates, be advised if you log on today your game will be broken. A surprise and unknown update launched today and if you accidentally download it, you'll either have to install an older version and stay offline or play offline for the duration until scripthook gets updated....

  • This post is deleted!

  • Whats broken? If you'd mind elaborating?


    @alduincat the update changed stuff in the .exe and update.rpf casuing scripthookv to break. you'll need to wait for it to be updated which usually takes a week on average

  • I updated and then copied over the update.rpf and the .exe. End of problem for now.
    Rockstar: We have a complete disregard for our customers. Want to play offline on Steam? Nope, not unless you update and join our wonderful Social Club too.
    Gabe at Valve: Well said. We're making money hand over fist. No reason to listen to customers and absolutely no reason to ever give them HL3 or L4D3.

  • anyone know where i can get .exe and update.rpf version 1.0.2189? currently using epic games gta 5.

  • @Reacon Thats normal though, happens every update, its not broken?

  • @alduincat 'Broken' is a relative term as used. If an unexpected and unannounced update is thrown in and when you unknowingly log in your access to the modded game is interrupted, that 'breaks' your ability to play. Hence the use of broken. Had 'R' given any warning, it wouldn't have been a thing. Now my ability to finish projects and record is now on hold until (or if) scripthook gets updated. Then there's all the 'fun' of going through to find everything that has been added, broken or removed across the map and among my mods after finally squaring away from the last two updates....

  • @iammistahwolf You really can't miss it if on Steam. If you want to play, you have 2 choices, update or update. That's what backups are for.

  • @JohnFromGWN I don't play on steam for that very reason. With the 'store bought version' you can play offline indefinitely long as you don't log in and use the last date you logged in prior to the update.

  • @iammistahwolf I know, but it was on sale real cheap on Steam. Seems everyone today is going by the "user is a moron" philosophy of Microsoft. Even with Windows 10 Pro you have to jump through hoops to ensure you control the updates, not MS.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks for the tip about copying over the update.rpf and the exe. I do have a vanilla back up, but unfortunately not the .exe. Next time....

  • @iammistahwolf Steam knows damn well that there is a huge modding community, all GTA franchise advocates, yet they couldn't care less about breaking our mods. Anyway, hopefully AB will fix scripthook and that will be the opp for everyone to backup key files. I also back up Menyoo files as well - custom maps, outfits, and ofc my scripts.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yes, the 'drug dealer business model' is strong with software companies these days. I got my 'Wal-Mart Special' copy on sale for like '$19.99' back in '17. I hate that you can't buy or play games anymore without having to log on or download them. It's 'cheaper' for the companies in that they don't have the material costs anymore. But it's far more expensive for players as you will 'pay and pay and pay and pay' for DLC's.

  • @JohnFromGWN same here when it comes to back ups. However, this one caught me flat-footed as they didn't tell anyone anything. Part that really sucks is it's primarily a 'bug fix' for online junk and glitch killing. Which has nothing to do with Single-player. It's crap like this that makes 5M and other server-versions look more attractive....

  • @JohnFromGWN

    got mine auto updated also - but I kept a vanilla back up and one with mods.

    have copied over the update.rpf with my mods but which .exe do a copy over (have a GTA5.exe and a PlayGTAV.exe)?

  • Posting this in case anyone wants to know for the next update/break my mods.

    1. Backup the GTA5.exe (I backup all 3 .exe files, but not the language selector), as I didn't check what files were overwritten by the update. All of these are in GTA5 main directory. My path will be different from yours since I'm on a different drive/different partition than C.
    2. From the Update folder, you only need the update.rpf.
      This works today, hopefully it will work with future updates as well because backing up the whole folder is like 100GB.
    3. Turn off automatic updates if you use Steam. It won't let you play game, but at least it will serve as a warning to make sure you have backups ready.
      alt text

  • @mac22 After the update I should have checked the file dates against my backup copies. Since I don't know exactly which files (except GTA5.exe which is key) I did 3 of the 4 .exe (they are tiny files). So do both, can't hurt. I don't think launcher is necessary.

  • @iammistahwolf I guess i get your point lol. Im just sorta used to the random updates and just go along with them, wouldnt be the first time rockstar has made a random update after all lol

  • @JohnFromGWN
    ok thanks.

    In my GTA folder I only have 2 .exe's (dont seem to have a launcher one) - its the EPIC version.
    I do (on another drive) have have a rockstar launcher folder with a "launcher.exe" - this I didnt back up but it looks it was not recently modified.......
    will just try to replace the x2 .exe's in the root and the update file and see if it works?
    (do you think I might need to replace the launcher.exe (in the rockstar folder?)

    Update: strangely just tried to delete the GTA5.exe - and it said can't be deleted because its open/being used? (although its not GTAV is closed!)

  • @mac22 I don't think you need the launcher, but again they are relatively small files. If you can't delete GTA5.exe, reboot or try to shutdown the process from Task Manager (assuming you are on Win).

  • That's a good one tho
    alt text
    lol ok r*.

  • Ooooh so that's why my scripthookv was crashing for no reason because Rockstar decided to update the game i see

  • My update is 43.9 GB's is this normal? I mean... 44GB!!

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