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Addon peds and dlc.rpf file size limit 4GB

  • I have managed to load and make a stable modded game (1k + mods) with 220 addon peds.

    I want to push it further and add 500-1000 addon peds and try to replace all vanilla ones etc.

    The problem is that addon peds uses a dlc and the ped files need to be loaded into it, it has a 4gb file size limit.

    I have tried so far:
    create a dlc1.rpf and add dlc1 to the dlclist

    This doesn't work if addonpeds reads it, it reads the first one in the xml dlclist then loads only from that.

    How are mods calling the dlc/referencing it?

    How to have the addon peds mod read a second and third dlc?

    Is there another workaround to add more peds without relying on addon peds 3.0.1 other than replacing vanilla peds?

  • might be worth you downloading the latest Vanillaworks Extended pack, that contains 6 dlc.rpf files in the one dlcpack, that might help give some clue as to how it is done if you have a look at the setup2 and content xml files.

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