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Alexander Blade is a Badass

  • Real talk, I don't know anything about scripting. Not my skill set. But I respect the people who do. As far as I know, we absolutely rely on Alexander Blade to be the foundation for all of our mods. All of our hard work, and creativity could be halted the second Rockstar decides to update the game giving the online players trinkets to keep them playing. Whatever, it's a business, and they have to make money, so do your thing I guess, no hate. But there has to be a way to provide those updates without breaking the game for us. Maybe there is no way... I don't know. But I do know Alexander is a bad ass for always helping us out. If you read this, I just want to say thanks. Right now, I'm still waiting on a nice gameconfig to handle my beefy mod set (Yall should see the amount of mods I have, it's CRAZY) Shout out to the gameconfig makers as well. I appreciate yall too.
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  • The problem with scripthook not working during small updates is sometimes not rockstar's cause but Alexander Blade's, the scripthook checks for version which is set inside the .dll, if the game version is bigger then scripthook throws an error, so this could be avoided if there was no such check, but of course there could be issues with trying to run it on bigger updates that actually need changes inside the hook instead of just changing a version number

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Hey, I leave it to the experts. All I know is I can't play it until he updates it. Either way I give thanks to anyone making it possible to play this game with mods. I would've stopped playing years ago if it weren't for mods

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