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How to start gtaV in offline mode???

  • ...so i dont have to install any updates?

    using only the rockstar launcher, no steam or epic.


  • -scOfflineOnly on commandline.txt Its on root gta v folder

  • @LyKx

    thanks. but then r* launcher tells me im offline and not able to start the game.

  • just let the game update, most regularly updated mods and certainly new mods wont work properly on old versions of the game.


    launcher bypass

  • @Reacon said in How to start gtaV in offline mode???:

    launcher bypass

    Maybe I missed something, but as far as I know Launcher Bypass doesn't work anymore. Was it updated? Admittedly I've been away for a few months now, not enough free time...

  • still no solution...

  • Hi, sorry to refresh this topic, but it might help to keep your game in offline mode. So I have non-steam retail version and use Rockstar Games Launcher to run it and could never figure out how to keep it out of being updated (I just want play modded SP). Blocking outbound rule for firewall or using this -scOfflineOnly flag was not working neither because when SC launched in offline mode PLAY button would just go grey and back to black again (game did not launched in story mode).

    But, just by accident I realized that I could actually do it with this stupid hack:

    1. Launch PlayGTAV.exe with -scOfflineOnly flag (or add flag to shortcut)
    2. When Launcher appears in offline mode (and waits to click PLAY), REPEAT STEP 1 (yes, launch it again same way)
    3. And now click PLAY and it should turn to LOADING and launch the game straight into Story Mode.

    I don't know how it works but it is 100% working for me somehow, at least for now.

  • @mashine Unfortunately there's a huge difference between playing offline and stopping an update.

    Are you saying you successfully stopped an update? Because if you did you should be in the Modding Hall of Fame.

    My Steam version of GTA5 is blocked with a firewall rule. I have it offline so I don't see any annoying GTAO ads.

    So 100% offline all the time.

    Does this stop a Steam update of GTA5? Unfortunately, absolutely not.

    The reason is very simple. Steam checks for all game updates as it loads, not at game run time. So the only solution would be to take Steam offline as well which is inconvenient asF.

    Update then revert. Rinse and Repeat at next update. That's the sad story.

    As I wrote in a recent post, if Steam stores the update flag locally, someone with the time, tools, and good detective skills could find it, yet nobody has. If the flag is kept in the cloud, on the Steam server with your account it needs to be set once and you're good.

    I know this an annoyance but for me at least, it requires about 10 seconds to revert, once or twice a year. That's a good reason to forget about this issue and also keeps me from searching for that allusive flag.

    Edit. For anyone following this thread, you don't need to revert all your files after an update, just GTA5.exe. Ironically my game is fully updated but thinks it's still version 2372. Only caution is not to let OpenIV update your update.rpf.

  • @JohnFromGWN As I said I use non-Steam retail version (CDs). But after what you posted I also set outbound rule for Social Club (I use it only for GTA V anyway) to make sure it is not getting to Internet (as you are probably right it will attempt to update). I will monitor this until next update and keep you posted. Anyway it still makes my experience better as I avoid main screen and go straight into story.

  • @mashine Yes I understood. If this does work for you, then please let everyone know. I just wanted to remind everyone, particularly new modders, that for those interested in a stable SP environment a little bit of knowledge and almost zero investment in time will allow them to play both GTAO (updated) and SP - or just SP.

  • @mashine said in How to start gtaV in offline mode???:

    Launch PlayGTAV.exe with -scOfflineOnly flag (or add flag to shortcut)

    @mashine, so do you add the flag in the firewall rule? Please elaborate.

  • @iammistahwolf No, I start PlayGTAV.exe with parameter/flag -scOfflineOnly. Easiest way to achieve this is to add this to your shortcut -> Right-click on shortcut > Properties > Add -scOfflineOnly to Target field (at the end)

    Next you launch this shortcut twice, push PLAY and game will start in Story mode.

    It is mainly a way if you experience issues using Offline Mode where you cannot start that game using PLAY button.
    Setting firewall rule is basically irrelevant, I just experimented with blocking Social Club, but it won't work anyway to prevent update. So basically what you need to do to avoid update is to backup GTA5.exe on every update.

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