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Add-On Vehicle Spawner 1.4.4 not loading any off my planes addons dlcpacks

  • Hi so today I'm a bit stuck you see none of my planes Add-On Vehicle Spawner 1.4.4 is not showing up. All my planes are in dlcpacks folder ill be making a video to show more proof on Monday.
    Can some help me or tell me how to add in the mods from dlcpacks to this dlcpacks???????
    Any body now of video that shows you how to add your dlcpacks in this addon?


    just use a trainer

  • I have download every plane on this website more than 100 pleanes. Why would i use trainer when this made for dlcpacks.

  • Does any one know how to use the UserDLC thing? Any video on youtube about this?

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