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Is there a way/mod to save my GTA Online character into Menyoo without messing up the face/makeup?

  • Currently filming a machinima right now using mods. Prior to downloading mods and filming, I created a GTA Online character to use in the movie as the main character.

    Problem is, Menyoo just can't save my character correctly. Attempting to do so results in all makeup options, hair color options, and some facial options to be reset when I spawn my character in later. This means that I can't make and save different outfits for different scenes. Because of this, I have to constantly remake outfits for every scene as there is no way to save them, unless I film everything in one session. This also forces me to film the movie exclusively in director mode as it is the only way for me to access my character with all the color and makeup intact. Which brings up more issues.

    A lot of mods flat out break and don't work in director mode. Director mode also locks the doors of many of the shops and buildings normally accessible in regular singleplayer, causing me to have to go through the unnecessary effort of making working doors for certain scenes. Open all Interiors Mod also doesn't work in director mode, which is one of the more useful mods for machinima making. I would like to film the movie in regular Story Mode, which requires my GTA Online character to be saved correctly into a trainer.

  • @jmymin I'm not sure I understand your issue completely. I do know that with Menyoo I can save any customizable ped model with its custom components (without even saving as outfits) by using the save map functionality only.

    I customized the ped's hair, face, clothes, accessories, add animations etc, and then save the map. Ready to go exactly as saved when map is loaded. Ofc all the peds used have to be stored in the entity database or spawned from there initially.

    When I load my xml saved map the characters appear perfectly outfitted. Never had any issues with this method. My issue is trying to outfit a model with scripting, that is a nightmare due to poor documentation and if you choose incompatible components it will freeze or even crash game.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah I tried that. Upon loading that xml map, character's makeup and hair color is reset.

    I think the reason why its doing this, is because when I take my character from director mode, the character's makeup and hair color values are still set at default within menyoo, instead of changing to the correct values. So when the map is loaded, the character loads in with the maekup and hair color at its default values, essentially removing it.

    From what I understand, you make and edit your characters directly from scratch, you don't take your actual GTA Online characters from director mode to save. Because you edit the values manually, it saves correctly.

    Menyoo just doesn't seem to be able to automatically set the makeup and hair color values at the correct numbers when I take my character from director mode. The only way I think I can counter this would be to manually redo all the makeup and stuff in menyoo. Tedious process, but it should work.

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