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Create New Addon-Vehicles

  • Hi everyone, there are many car models that I really like that unfortunately are only present as replace and not as addon, so I would really like to learn how to create addon cars.

    I started following video tutorials, downloaded dlc pack creator, and tried to create a first mod addon but to no avail, the model does not appear.

    the procedure I followed was the following:

    1. I created the dlc pack vehicle with dlc pack creator
    2. I added the handling meta, vehicle meta and carvariation meta file, renaming each vehicle name.
    3. I added the graphic files ytd yft etc ... also renaming these with the vehicle name.

    Unfortunately when I go to have it spawn with the trainer the alley does not appear and gives me an error message.

    Please, let me know what I am wrong in the process, or could you possibly recommend a detailed tutorial explaining how to create an addon vehicle?

    Thank you very much for the help guys.

  • Did you add the name of the dlcpack to your dlclist.xml file? As that seems to be missing from your procedure.

  • yes i added pack name to dlclist and replace the dlclist file in data folder

  • first place I would be checking is the content and setup xml files to make sure that they are declaring the file correctly. You can also search your openiv.log for the dlcpack name to check that it is correctly loading the directory when the game is launched

  • thanks, exactly what should i check in the content and setup files?

  • The setup file if auto generated by a dlcpack tool should be okay, but if you copied it from another mod may have the incorrect name references in there. the content file should declare the file names, types and locations of every meta file within the dlcpack

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