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The meaning of only crashing when reloading a savegame while in-game?

  • Hi, I've noticed many mods that I've installed seems to crash upon reloading a savegame while in-game, rather than at straight up on the initial load. In general, what can cause this and how can I fix this problem? It's really weird that if I install a corrupt mod, somehow the game is okay with loading it initially when starting but not okay when reloading the same savegame, like wtf?

    I currently only have about 40 addon cars, around 10 police replacers (mostly around 50-80K polygons with LODs too, the highest one is 200k but also comes with LODs), 1 single ymap mod and VisualV, in addition to some decal effects (blood, explosion) and euphoria physics mod. I have HeapAjuster, Packfile limit remover and tried the so called 'trustworthy' gameconfigs, none of these helps to solve this problem.

    It's always the same thing, start the game, game loads fine, drive around for a bit, then attempt to reload the savegame, and there it crashes straight to desktop.

    Scripthook: https://pastebin.com/aeq6PYhB
    ASI loader: https://pastebin.com/dU2fV0MK
    SHVDN: https://pastebin.com/D3g5v0Ss

  • Try moving mods folder on desktop then launch gtav (if mods folder is used)

  • @ShadoFax I know that would stop the crash from happening, but I am asking if there is a general consensus on what type of issue this may be. Is it mod conflicts? Bad mods that are corrupt? Memory issues (is it gameconfig related or engine hardcoded)? Or corrupt savegame?

  • @Eingenvector its def related to a mod confliction. Save file is in documents which is not in mods folder

  • @ShadoFax Hmm, that's interesting, the real tedious part is finding out which mod actually conflicts with each other. Extremely annoying and time consuming, such is the nature of GTA V modding I suppose.

  • @Eingenvector very true

  • I know this is an Old Post and I'm sure you've might've already figured out the issue, but I've also Had the same issue today with the game crashing when loading a different save game.

    My fix (Or recommendation) is by going to your game's Root Directory and right-clicking on the .exe that runs the game and then click on properties.
    Once you do that, Click on Compatibility and Disable Compatibility mode if you have it enabled.

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