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how install Heist Map Updates in Single Player v0.4

  • I follow the steps of the description, but after making the game does not open ::

    1-File being replaced: (Back it up by simply renaiming it!)
    -update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday2ng (not patchday2bng)

    2-Installation (Steam version only):

    1. Be sure to have Script Hook and Open IV.asi installed.
    2. Place the update folder from this archive in the root of you're GTA V directory.
    3. Load the game and enjoy. (If you use IPL Loader, press F5 and load the Heist Carrier and Heist Yacht. The yacht is located just west of Del Perro Pier, and the carrier is located south east from Los Santos.)

  • there are plenty of trainers and scripts that will load them for you, you dont really need to install anything into an rpf...
    like open interiors mod
    //0 for false, 1 for true//
    addStoreHoldupBlipsAtStartup=0 //enabling store blips may remove some other blips such as ammunation or LS customs for some reason//
    worksInDirectorsMode=0 //warning: enabling this may cause some even greater issues while playing missions//
    loadMultiplayerMap=1 //loading multiplayer map allows access to more interiors, but will cause problems when playing missions and maybe other problems//

    if you have the option set to 1, being true, it will load the mutiplayer maps (like the yacht etc) for you

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