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How to make a Template for ANY Vehicle for Photoshop with Zmodeler 3?

  • I am new to GTA Modding and i watched a bunch of YT Videos of how to create Templates but they are all not very beginner friendly.

    Example: I want to make a custom livery for the Benefactor Feltzer, not a Police Car etc..

    My Goal:
    Creat my own template, bring it to photoshop, make a good lookin livery and have it ingame.
    i already did this the past 3 years in Arma 3 but that is far easiert then GTA in my opinion ^^

    Example from Arma3

    Most videos JUST show how to download a template for Police Cars etc but i want be able to create a custom Car Skin for ANY car / Vehicle I want.

    Thanks if anyone has any tips & tricks!

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