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Visualv enb & reshade issues?

  • I've got a weird issue where I can't get the visualv enb & reshade to load with the mod. I'm not getting the enb text popup during game load.

    Just to add i have different profiles for other mods and with those the enb & reshades load fine, it's just with visualv that they are not working. using the latest scripthookv, enb447p (even tried 387 version), asi stuff from openiv is installed etc.

  • having the same issue i think, i have the reshader installed and gta5 is running and ignoring my mods folder. is their a uninstall for rehader

  • @zitterkopf If you installed it using the ReShade_Setup_x.x.x.exe then just run it again and go through the uninstall process. Alternatively, just delete all the files associated with reshade.

  • @mips i see. Usually they include a separate Uninstaller . Thank you

  • My mods folder is still not working :(

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