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game crashes after spawning car please help

  • Hey everyone I'm new and really need help with this issue. So I have a EMF folder with all my replacement cars and I found that 2 of them don't work, when I spawn them the game just crashes. I tried spawning every car I replaced they all work besides these 2 they always crash. Even when I remove the replacement models and just have the original model I tried to spawn and it still crashes. I tried removing the EMF folder and the cars still won't spawn not even the original game model without crashing. I've already installed scripthook, scripthookvdotnet, gameconfig, heapadjuster, and packfile.

    If anyone can help please let me know thank you!

  • handling files for those cars are bad and the game isn't happy with them for one reason or another. You need to either check the handling.meta for obvious mistakes, or speak to the modmaker for a bug fix

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