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GTA V rendered in Photoshop

  • GTA V movie rendered in Photoshop with water colour filters applied to each frame - very slow process but interesting results. Would love to have a toon effect, will experiment. My system is decent, Ryzen 9 3900X, G.SKILL Trident Z Neo 32GB (2 x 16GB), GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB. I'll see if I can optimized Photoshop to render more quickly.

  • 2nd attempt, this one is more toon-like.

  • I was foolin' round in PS, with filters and adjustments, some Menyoo, some scripting, and suddenly I had the idea for a short movie. Some young hot biker chicks who got in with crooked politicians (aren't they all?) and after a deal gone real bad they are the target of ruthless mobster hitmen - so they head for the hills but how long can they find shelter? Going to give it a shot for the plot and then animate it.

  • I tried Menyoo to do some fighting scene tests but the AI is inconsistent, the peds do their own thing. Next I tried ENT and it is pretty buggy. Then it was bodyguard mods, same outcome, lots of bugs and crashes, at least on my build which is pretty much vanilla. So I started writing some simple scripts with VB.Net and so far so good. Peds behave as expected. I think I will give up rendering in Photoshop, too time consuming.

  • Another option: https://gitlab.com/Jitnaught/combatpeds-gta5/-/releases

    It was used for some fighting scenes on YouTube:

  • @Jitnaught thank you. I'll take a look at your source code. Ironically, it's actually to my benefit that many of the mods are broken or glitchy because it forces me to learn how to do it myself - the main challenge being the lack of support and incredibly poor documentation for anyone new to mods and dot net programming. In passing, I've learned how to modify/port c# snippets to vb.net, just more comfortable with the latter. I think more accurately too, I don't want to use mods at all. Prefer the control that scripting allows. I only have Menyoo and Addon-Props installed (and again only for my own props), nothing else, but I only use Menyoo to setup before running a script. Lots to learn but having fun doing so.

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