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will having these mods get you banned online even if none are active and other such questtions lol

  • first off, im sorry, i have a tendency to see something interesting and leap in before knowing the more generalized info lol for example, do these changes get noticed when youre online even if absolutely nothing on your account is currently modded? or maybe just the things that effect the game once activated? and before that, do you ever experience trouble with the game running just because you added the mods or only when they are running>> basically i tend to get into these headaches because im intelligent enough to figure out how to do something, but too stupid to know why i should or shouldnt lol

  • You can have them in your GTA V directory as long as you remove the dinput8.dll file from the directory. That prevents any mods from loading when you want to play online and don't want to remove your mods. You will NOT be banned using this method. However, if you keep your mod files there and dinput8.dll and go online, you could be banned as Rockstar detects modded files, even if you don't activate them.

  • @Algonquin1234 so that means that while they do in fact have a runnin watch for anything active, as long as your things are disabled its unlikely theyd notice? that's exactly what i wanted to know lol god forbid i go online thinking as long as i dont use them they wont notice and i be wrong lol of course the last few days i havent been able to get my game to work, this being only the first week ive tried these things means ive spent more time cussing than playing lmao

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