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Vehicle Top Speed Handling???

  • So guys I'm trying to make a real speed handling

    Is there a way to test the top speed, I mean without running all over the map.
    I tried with Custom Gear Ratios by ikt who gives me the final drive, but that's not correct.

    Also I sat MaxFlatVel to 174, to get 280KMH, but the speed keep increasing forever without limits HELP :(

    Sorry my english peace.

  • Using ScriptHook V / ScriptHook V Dot Net and some C++ / C# / VB.NET knowledge, you can actually make a script that, on a button press, modifies the vehicle speed to a desired value.

    Also, i think the MaxFlatVel is not the good value for the speed limit.

  • I don't know how to.
    I can only use handling

    I want a car with top speed 280Km/H, so on MaxFlatVel I set value: 212 that multiplyed by 1.32 gives me back 279.8(top speed)

    If on InitialDragForce I set 0, the car top speed will be infinite, so I generally use 6 to 8, depends on cars.

    Another big problem is DriveForce, I don't understand this param, I generally use 0.2 to 0.8, but the car seems very boring to drive, but instead I set the value to 1 or more, the car will be very aggressive and funny to drive, but also I need to compesate, the power with CurveMin

    HELP I'm so confused

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