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Most Challenging Script for me - Dirt Track Racing

  • Another script, another video, another copyright claim against me. When I first saw the track behind the casino I though that would be a really cool place to actually script a race - but that was about a month ago and I could not even imagine myself writing it. Today, after thinking about it I was lucky enough to find a simple but effective solution. The peds are scripted, the player is not, neither are the outcomes - although I knew I would win. Anyway, given scripting is still very new and mysterious to me, I'm really happy i was able to get this done - in about an hour. Written in VB.Net.


  • @JohnFromGWN Updated script to smooth out curves and play with vehicle speed. Still needs some work. Added variables and a for loop for the number of laps. Set to 2 for this video.

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