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Popgroups modding. Ambulance and Firetruck spawn in traffic?

  • Hello I have customised my popgroups.ymt file to have a lot more variety in the traffic, Im very happy with it, however Im curious as to where I would add ambulances and fire trucks?

    i.e <Name>VEH_TAXI</Name>

    ^^ Thats just used as an example....the cop cars have their own groups, so what would fire and ambulance come under?
    I have tried adding ambulance to some of the groups but I haven't seen any in game...
    Is there a special group I need to know about for those vehicles?
    Is there a way to make the Ambulance and Firetruck spawn in traffic somehow, driving about but also responding to calls? I tried editing popgroups.dat and popcycle.dat but they do not spawn. Any help appreciated.

  • you can simply create your own popgroups for the firetrucks and ambulances, just add their entries to the popcycle file. My popgroups generator has a popcycle edit tool that can do that for you. There are no special requirements for a given vehicle to drive in a given popgroup though, you can add them to any or all of the popgroups and they will spawn ambiently. They will not respond to emergencies though as those vehicles are spawned in as part of scenarios

  • By the way, in GTA V, you can't even find police cars on the streets. If in GTA IV sometimes they came across on the roads, then in GTA V they appear only when the wanted level appears. It is so stupid.

  • @MARK2580 Thats simply not true. Cop cars ambiently spawn all over the map at certain times of day. You can check for yourself in the VEH_COPCAR popgroup within the base games popcycle file.

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