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[SCRIPT] Police do not shoot at you for minor crimes

  • https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/3359/script-important-suggestions-for-a-realistic-gta-v
    I posted a thread (listed above) that has very important suggestions in order to make GTA V more realistic.
    This is one of the suggestions from that thread, although I will go into more detail in order to make a specific mod request, IF you guys are willing to develop this particular mod...

    I think the police system needs work on, this bugged me so much even with GTA IV, and I never could completely feel immersed in the game and get into it because of the police system.
    The issue with this game, MAINLY, is the police system. Of course any vanilla GTA has never contained a realistic traffic system (as you can blow through red lights next to an officer without a problem, and drive on the sidewalk). The Mafia series implemented this, along with gasoline and a speedometer in vehicles, very well.

    I begin playing this game, and from the beginning after the race with Lamar when he leaves you behind and you have 2 stars, ANY MOD I USE I GET SHOT AT AT 2 STARS. That is ridiculous, I quit the game when things like that happen. I can put up without a traffic system, but it gets annoying with the police...

    I think that police should STAY at a one-star behavior through some sort of particular method. There should definitely be some leverage between you and the police in order to allow flexibility and realism. This would make the game way less frustrating to some (or most) players. I mean, does it not bug you?
    The one-star behavior is a chase and arrest (on-foot OR in-vehicle). The vanilla two-star behavior, (which is accessed WAY too easily for the most petty crimes), is an automatic gun-down with no arrest, and this persists as your star levels increase.
    What do you guys think? I mean there was some mod that mimics UK cops, and I believe nightsticks are used, and/or tasers, but it's all throughout the star system (not the sky brah). Anyh00, I posted to the author and he said that it's script-able, and described how to do it in the mod post, but I don't know how to script/develop, I'm willing to learn though.

  • I found the mod for the UK cops:
    His instructions TO MAKE THIS MOD HAPPEN (in bold):

    Is there any way to make them use pistols/shotguns at three stars? Does that have to do with the loadouts.meta? I feel like this mod is important, and it HAS been done before, but without this mod, the game is way too unrealistic.

    @YouOnMyBlockNow Sorry for the late reply. From the loadouts.meta you could change the COP_SHOTGUN (or something like that) to have a shotgun so at three stars half of the cops would be armed. However, If you use the dispatch meta provided in the download, armed officers will be sent at three stars along with regular unarmed ones.

  • BUMP

  • @YouOnMyBlockNow Did you saw @Eddlm 's Better Chases and Arrest Warrant mod. With this mod you can set the maximum level on which cops will not use weapons. they will use stun guns instead.

  • @Marcel2015 yea but one thing that pisses me off, is cops dont chase you, its hella boring like they dont even bother shwoing up to the scene they just appear on the radar and spawn in, dont even turn their sirens on sometimes

  • @tdog1111 "6 years ago"

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