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The mission symboles on the map dissapeard and i can't switch from Trevor to Michael

  • Hello guys,

    i have the newest version of GTA V, rage and so on.

    I noticed yesterday or one day before that the mission symboles dissapear when playing Michael, if i switch to Franklin and/or Trevor it's normal - back to Michael the main missions of T and F remain - but still in orange/green even though its a mission of all of them.

    In the story I'm yust before the Merryweather heist and Blitz Play - haven't done the hotel assisnation yet.

    And now i loaded my save file and now with F and T the mission symboles on the map don't appear and i can't switch from T to M, this time i recorded the current situation:

    The only map marker mods i have are ATM robbery and Prenium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership.

    Can someone help?

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