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Add-on Spawn Probability

  • I'm installing a butt ton of vehicle add-ons. I've already dropped quite a few and I'm testing them one by one as they are installed.

    Currently I've been running a modded popgroups.ymt that adds all of the dlc vehicles to normal traffic. All of the new vehicles that I'm adding, I've been listing in popgroups as well to spawn in their most appropriate, expected areas.

    All is well and working. I just want to know where the information for spawn probability for each vehicle is stored, specifically add-ons.

    I'm not necessarily dissatisfied with what I'm seeing at the moment, but I want to ensure realism and whatnot and at least be aware of what to expect for each vehicle and I don't want to drive past a line of Lamborghini's every time I cut a corner. Thanks anyone!

  • @Big_Poner
    Basically, you edit the spawn related values in the vehicle's 'vehicles.meta'.
    This post has more details on the specifics :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th thank you!

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