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Help with Zmodeler model.

  • I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong, The model looks fine in Zmodeler and also looks fine when I view it in OpenIV yet when I start GTA5 up the pants stay the same as they were before I edited the model? So basically I deleted a portion of the mesh's legs so that the boots fit the legs, after moving some of those dots around to close up any openings I exported it. I can't understand what else I'd be missing.

  • you probably replaced the outdated files. you should replace the latest ones. may i know what files you are replacing?

  • I wanna show you a photo but I was having trouble getting pics to load on here. I was replacing a pair jeans in
    It's under lowr_000_r.ydd

  • @drlq99 You were right, I just replaced a different pair of pants. New problem though.... The legs don't move when I run. lol

  • @Sprunk-Extreme damn. i've never done player mods, only cars. thing looks confusing as hell. every "lowr_000_r.ydd"s seem to be different. as much as i want to help, i'm sorry i can't .

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