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Random crashes at loading screen, fully modded gta

  • First off here's the list of mods installed
    *Over 700 car mods,
    *Modified gameconfig for latest game version as of this post
    *custom loading music and images
    *a whole bunch a scripts (not so relevant to define all of them and you will see why)
    *asi files such as packfile limit adjuster, gears, etc. (Whole lot of asi)
    *natural vision evolved
    *Rage hook with a few plugins including lspdfr
    *latest scripthook as of this post
    *lml mod loader

    Ok i will name all the mods eventually as I update this thread, this is to keep you posted on my findings however if you experience these same problems and found a fix do share.

    *The game was working fine but i noticed now that it only launches in windowed mode
    *when it reaches the loading screen half way through it stops loading until i use my mouse to click back onto the game

    When the problem started
    I noticed everytime i made a change to ANY mod (script, texture or data) files once i start the game it would crash at loading once then the next time i start the game it would load properly.

    -First major crash issue
    I was then adding some custom trailers to the data of the added trucks and vans in my Mods folder.
    The game stopped crashed at loading when it was time to test the trailers.. i thought i did something wrong so i went through most of my addon rpfs and nothing was wrong, but get this.. after exploring the rpfs i launched the game once more and it worked, keep in mind i didnt change anything i only looked through the file

    -second major crash issue
    After testing the game i ran into an expected script crash, the problem then started again with the crash loading once i tried entering the game again, it only stopped when i reinstalled rage hook keep in mind i was not using rage hook at the time of testing or reloading the game. It then started normal again after that.

    -Third and current major crash issue
    I was then trying to buy a new truck in the car dealership script mod i have, once i got to the tesla semi the game crashed(truck used too much memory) i then tested again and it crashed when i got to the semi so i knew the mod was an issue(not the crash loading issue)..

    I then removed the truck from the scripts data and mods folder
    And guess what.. its crashing again 🤦‍♂️

    -Things to note.

    At first major crash i removed the mods folder and the game loaded fine.. i revisited the rpfs for the addons amd put the mods folder back into the game without making any changes and the game loaded ok

    Second crash i backup up my gta v exe and reinstalled rage hook, game loaded normally

    Third crash and still testing.. i removed a few dll files and asi files from the root of the game and its loading again

    I have made no major changes which leads me to think random files are getting corrupted somehow i am still testing

    -Things i plan on checking
    *For a virus
    *any odd dll or asi files

    Things i have removed for testing with no results
    *script folder
    *lml folder

    • asi that dont help with game limits or rendering eg. Travel to north yankton, gears etc
      *enb and reshade folder

  • Update... it seems to be an xinput file

    Not fully finished testing though..
    The lspdfr mod comes with xinput_4.dll
    However i have an old x360ce for my generic gamepad which also comes with xinput_1 to 3 and 9_1.0

    I've removed these files and lspdfr still works and the game has started smoothly 4 consecutive times will update on further findings

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