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Sky dome motion in relevance to timescale

  • I'm using mod that make days and nights last longer (24 in-game hours in 4 hours real time) and when I look closely, sky dome moves in steps rather than smoothly as it should. It's even noticeable with vanilla times that sky dome movements aren't perfectly smooth.
    Are there any files I can tweak in game to tweak and make it move correctly?

  • @Forrest-Gimp I am having tgis problem to. I noticed it first on the rain puddle reflections. Clouds are jerking/stepping forward instead of moving smooth.

    Im changing clous speed values in visualsettings.dat. Will let you know if I can fix it.

  • @Weirdoutworld
    Thank you very much, will try to look into visualsettings.dat too, tho I'm not really experienced with this...

  • I think I figured it out, thanks for Weirdoutworld tips, it is truly visualsettings.dat, we're looking for these lines:
    sky.GameCloudSpeed 2.00 (default is 0.50)
    I'll keep experimenting, but it seems pretty smooth for my 4 hour duration times.

    Seems like rain puddles were a bit jerky too with slower timescale, and I think this tweak improved it:
    raincollision.waterspeed 2.00

    Also raised this for more immersive effect:
    weather.CycleDuration 200 (default is 120)
    Looks much better this way.

  • Update:
    Apparently I was wrong, sky.GameCloudSpeed and raincollision.waterspeed does nothing, clouds still jerking instead of moving smoothly, I have been messing also with #Cloud generation and #Cloud speeds settings. No results.
    Only weather.CycleDuration has an effect.

    I'm completely lost here, if anyone has any input how to fix, would be great. There should be a way to fix it, right?...

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