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Rockstar game launcher closes before launching game

  • First time I am installing mods for GTA 5, I followed the readmes for all of the mods I've installed, created a MOD folder, etc.

    I am using steam to launch GTA 5, when I press play it launches the Rockstar launcher and then the launcher loads on a blank screen for a minute then closes without any error message.

    I've uninstalled/reinstalled Rockstar launcher/social club, deleted Rockstar from the registry, and deleted all Rockstar Games folders from my pc but nothing fixed it.

    I also tried launching both steam and Rockstar launcher in administrator mode. Launching the game from steam I was able to get past the blank screen, and it says "Loading" but then qsays "Quitting" and cancels launching the game.

    Any ideas what the issue is here? I guess I can start over from a fresh install, but just annoying to have to re-add all my mods again.

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