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How to create a monster

  • Hi! I would like to know if it's possible to modify this car:
    I want do wheelies and be able to control it better. It is very difficult for me to take curves and control it.

    I'm a newbie modifying handling.meta and can't get it to work. The car doesn't move and the wheels break.

    Another question, someone knows a handling.meta to have a fast car that can do wheelies, donuts and drift or is it impossible? I mean, the perfect car for me xD
    Those characteristics are incompatible with the control?

  • @Raeven13 said in How to create a monster:

    possible to modify this car:

    Provide us with a download link/vanilla vehicle name etc :thumbsup:

    I want do wheelies

    To do wheelies you'll have to change the '<vehicleClass>' value in the vehicle's 'vehicles.meta' to 'VC_MUSCLE' (if it's not that already).



    someone knows a handling.meta to have a fast car that can do wheelies, donuts and drift or is it impossible?

    Some handling setups work for multiple vehicles, but generally, & certainly to get the best out of it, you want to edit each vehicle's handling individually. Especially the suspension settings & such like (set wrong they can totally ruin a vehicle's handling).
    There's no reason why wheelies, donuts & drifting shouldn't work together on the same vehicle. Certainly not impossible. :thumbsup:

    Lower down in this post is a little basic 'handling.meta' cheat sheet. It'll give you an idea of what some of the handling values do. It pretty much covers all the basic values you need to know to get started modding a vehicle's handling :thumbsup:

  • Yes, this is the car

    I have looked at that link but when modifying the car I have only managed to make the wheels explode. Do you know any configuration that can work? right now that car is uncontrollable and has very little grip

    I would also like this car, but I don't think it is very "realistic" for it to do wheelies hahaha

  • @Raeven13 said in How to create a monster:


    What download are you using specifically? The main [Download] button one or the rodolfo_luna94 linked gtainside addon one in the comments section?

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