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Unknown mod preventing fall damage

  • Wondering if anyone else has come across this problem before: I have installed several mods and have suddenly discovered that my character doesn't take fall damage any more. All other damage is taken normally. None of my mods should affect how my character takes damage as far as I'm aware and have tried everything short of a fresh install to fix it. Is there a mod I should remove that affects fall damage, or is there a script out there that would allow me to manually set my fall damage to fix this?

    These are my mods:
    Natural Vision Evolved
    Script Hook V & Native Trainer
    Packfile Limit Adjuster
    Forests of Chiliad
    Character Vehicle Mod
    Ingame Screenshot
    Add-on spawner
    Traffic Plus
    Better Chases +
    Stolen Vehicle
    Benny's Modshop
    Leave engine running (IV style exit)
    Sitting Down
    Arms Dealer
    Gun Locker
    North Yankton
    Apartments & Garages
    Skin Control
    MyDog/Personal Dog
    Rampage Trainer
    Dimmer Streetlights
    Spotify Radio
    Community Hud.gfx
    Cayo Perico Fix
    Sea Life V
    You Know Nothing
    Real Gun Sounds
    Indian ocean waves / clearer water
    Vehicle Control
    Beautiful Realistic Waves
    Sleep Anywhere
    Map Editor

  • @mageeza90
    You're best chance of a conclusive answer is to remove each of them one at a time.
    Actually, if dealing with scripts (or a list of easily removable mods), the best/quickest way is to remove half of them at a time (obviously, do it in some kind of order you can remember or keep a note of what you have removed previously etc). :thumbsup:

    If it's still happening after removing half of the scripts, leave them where they are & remove half of the scripts you have left. Continue until you narrow it down to just one.
    If removing half of them fixes it, you know the issue exists in that 50% of selected scripts. Put them back & remove half of them (25%) instead. Continue until you narrow it down to just one.

    I would say it's likely to be a script or a trainer setting. If I had to guess :thinking:, Afterdeath or Disarm for the script, but could easily be another. Generally, if it's a script, it's most likely to be one related to peds or damage in some way. Prioritise checking/test removing those scripts first. :thumbsup:

    Check your Rampage Trainer settings also. Make sure you haven't switched on 'no fall damage' (or something like that, whatever it's name is).

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thank you for these tips! I will try the uninstalling half the scripts at a time method, that sounds like a good system.

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