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Human/basic needs CONTINUED

  • EDIT: figured out how to add the lines, but Idk how to convert this https://drive.google.com/file/d/11zmZsa_ovRMGzLs5G6o0Yjdpog0_Ak2p/view?usp=sharing to ASI

    HI everybody! :hugging:
    I love the idea of the basic/human needs mods.
    Unfortunately both users are not here anymore. I would, (surely many other users too) HIGHLY appreciate if anyone could take some time and continue any of these mods while the source code is given. :* :blue_heart:

    • I would love if anyone could add more lines in source for eating food at more restaurants. :hamburger:
      It's easy to dump the coordinates, but I don't understand how the coding works.
      In Sandy Shores for instance, there is a Chinese restaurant, but there is no marker and no option to eat there.

    • Also should you be able to buy liquor and smokes at the shops/gas stations, because liquor stores aren't very common.


    • Realistic opening hours for coffee shops and restaurants.
      (The gas stations seem to have their own weird opening hours, maybe tweak this too).
      Namely, you shouldn't be able to eat at the Lucky Plucker at 5am. :D

    • Drive- throughs

    • Replace anims (can't move ped while the anims go on, which is annoying)

    Overall, people tend to have problems with the mission blips, but there are options to deactivate the shop-, motel-, liquor- and/or coffee blips, which solves the problem.
    I think if it's possible to eat at more restaurants, it's even easier to find one and the need for those blips wouldn't be big anymore.

    Hope anyone out there could put some awesome work into these ideas.
    Besides an improved mod, donations could turn out being the reward.
    I would love to help with dumping the coordinates for the restaurants if anyone would like to make these ideas come to script.

    Have a great time and keep on modding!

    Ps: I didn't find any search function for the request tab.

    With sincere regards,

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