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Change vehicle speed (in handling.meta) ?

  • Hi,
    Can you tell me how i can change the vehicle speed (I think it's in the handling.meta) ? What is the line that i have to modify?
    Sorry for my bad english but I' m Italian...

  • fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel

  • Thank you

  • I Change a fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel and nothing is happening.
    vehicles have the same speed

  • @dex928 You can set vehicle top speed to whatever you want, it does not mean it will go that fast. There are other values for mass, drag and acceleration that are all weighed when the vehicle is in use. There is a really good explanation tutorial on this forum I just cant find it right now. But search for handling.meta tut or explanation and you should find it. You may need to google it, but it should bring up the topic from this forum. Good luck!

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