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[SCRIPT] Basic aircraft take off and landing control mod

  • Hello all, it has come to my attention and bothered me slightly that the PC version, and all other next-gen versions, of GTAV seem to be lacking realism at the airport that was present in the previous gen consoles. There are no longer planes taking off constantly and only one 747 actually lands there.

    My request is that somebody could make something simple, that would allow the player to, lets say, press a key (can be changed for preference) that would spawn a 747 taking off and a 747 landing on the runway (The two large runways that are together would be a good idea as these are unused). This would be good for those who miss the old gen airport behavior, and also allow the player to control when planes would appear too.

    A YouTuber used to make videos of plane takeoff crashes, but because of next-gen's plane take off removal, this is no longer a thing. This mod would also therefore be useful for him and others who enjoyed making the plane crash on takeoff.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this through, and I hope that this can be made in the near future. It is certainly something I miss.

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