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Need help finding seemingly missing audio files - Casino Update Lucky Wheel sounds

  • I've been struggling to find the audio files connected to the lucky_wheel object in the casino.

    So far I've looked in the GTAV/Update/x64/dlcpacks/mpvinewood/dlc.rpf/x64/audio/sfx folder and found some of the lucky_wheel sounds, but non of the sounds I am looking for.

    Viewing the "dlcvinewood_sounds.dat54.nametable" file shows me the names of the files I am looking for:

    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_spin_start
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_spin_start_vars
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_spin_start_vars_pts
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_spin_start_vars_pts_spinning
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_spin_singles
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_spin_single_tick_synth
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_spin_singles_vars_pts
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_spin_singles_vars
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_spin_win
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_win_vars
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_win_vars_pts
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_win_synth
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_sounds
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_win_vars_mt
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_spin_win_car
    • dlc_vw_casino_lucky_wheel_win_item_synth
    • etc

    I just can't for the life of me find where these sound files exist in the GTAV directory. I've looked everywhere, tried every search term for OpenIV. The only place I haven't been able to look into is the "dlcvinewood_sounds.dat54" file but Im not even sure what the file contains.

    Any tips to where I should be looking?


    To clarify there is the casino_general.awc file that has 4 or 5 lucky_wheel sounds but doesn't contain the start and spin sounds that I am looking for

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