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kombined Thruster with Blazer Aqua - could use some help

  • Mission: To have a vehicle that can go everywhere fast and looks still kind of realistic.
    So the platform is the Blazer Aqua what already can drive, swim and kind of fly with the help of the turbo and jump funktion. I wanted to get the 2 engines from the Thruster so I could mout them on the side of the Blazer, but I could not find the parts anywhere. I know they can be removed from the main body in MENYOO.

    To get an idea of the look I just combined the Thruster hidden so that just the 2 engines are showing (and a little bit on top and bottom). I tried to turn the Thruster off but it seems to still working and gets damaged. If there is anybody out there with some helpful hints, that would be great. This are my first steps with the Spooner...alt text


  • alt text

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