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All my posts are getting flagged as spam.

  • anyways i try to make a post requesting help for a mod i wanted to install and of course it gets flagged as spam

  • This post is deleted!

  • @coolguy000 This is why we need a decentralized platform to make mods on and forums, wouldn't be shocked if one of the moderators on here is trying to troll you in some way, Ive also had my forum posts edited in other words on here that I've never written, I could only point fingers at one particular group. This whole website is kind of funky and owned by lowkey Rockstar maximalists. Also on a decentralized platform you can sell your mods as NFTs. Look it up. We are in the era of decentralization and real asset ownership.

    EDIT by Reyser: Cracking discussions are not allowed. Removed the sentence about it.


    @n8v wtf
    We can't flag Forum topics as spam in any way and we wouldn't troll anyone if it was even a possibility. The admins would remove our Moderator status automatically if something like that happens.
    Rockstar maximalists? You don't even know what are you talking about lol

    We're not the kind of people you think we are so stop spreading misinformation. You literally come from nowhere.

    @coolguy000 The Forums system does that when a post contains invalid characters or something that for some reason triggers it. It's a NodeBB thing not related to 5Mods. What were you trying to post?

  • @Reyser why are you always so rude and aggressive to everyone? I don't like how you use your authority as a moderator to bully, insult and harass people on this site.


    @mjames867 thank you for your opinion, you will notice that the repeated reports filed by you on Reyser's behavior, using strong language and curse words in it has led to a ban. I was the one placing that ban, for all clarity.

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