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Game crashes after installing mods

  • So I installed mods after 3 or 4 months [maybe] it was a car mod. Then I started the game and it crashed while loading story mode. At first I thought I did something wrong but I wasn't able to figure it out.

    Then I came here [in forums] to ask for help and saw the same problem is happening with someone else. It's happening after the latest update in GTA5 [saw in that article] so I will request to everyone if u can find what's going on pls share with everyone so that someone can find a solution for it


    @Labibmods Sounds like you need to change your gameconfig, but next time you need help read this first

  • j'ai exactement le même problème … les mods sont conforme car ils étaient fonctionnel avant la maj 2245 et après avoir changer le gameconfig ainsi que le nouveau scripthookV le problème persiste encore il suffit d'enlever ces mods pour que le jeu retrouve toute ca fonctionnalité

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