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Best Site for Native Database

  • Stumbled on this by fluke, by far the most user-friendly interface for the Native Database, fully searchable ofc.


  • Eh, not a fan. The natives aren't named like they are everywhere else. Everything else names them GET_PLAYER_PED not getPlayerPed. Also their Declarations are in TypeScript format, which is not used in the single-player modding community.

  • @Jitnaught Interesting.I had no problems scripting with these since I use intellisense in VS. It's, for me, a great tool just to browse and see what's available given I haven't found any other support, either human or electronic.

    What I like the best is the clean user interface and the search function. Also, I was able to use HTTRACK to download the entire database, with full functionality, to my HDD for offline use. I can also edit it some of the features this way.


  • @ikt Hi and thank you. Yes, I'm aware of the others but you can't honestly compare control find in a browser window with the search engine js driven one in the altv version.

    Also, I tried to save the alloc8or for offline usage and could not get it to work on just the client side. I was however able to get the altv to work perfectly offline, although I did suck the whole site with HTTrack. Not sure if it still connects with server but I get all the functionality, search, expand, collapse, offline.

    Not to mention the nice large fonts for a 27" or larger monitor.

    I'm not a programmer but I'm very much into UI design and for me this is no contest although the dotindustries is cool too, but no easy offline.


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