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GTAV Crashing when adding mods

  • Hi guys,

    Tl;dr Fresh GTAV install through steam. Scripthookv, dinput & scripthookdotnet, open iv files and menyoo in the main game files (no mod folder) works fine but when adding any modded rpf the game crashes on start up. This was not happening before the fresh install. Any ideas as to why this is happening? https://19216811.cam/

    I have been playing modded GTA V on PC with Steam for a few months. Over the weekend i decided to start again with a fresh install so I could clean up the game files and start again making note of the files im adding to keep track of it.

    I’ve installed scripthookv, dinput, scripthookvdotnet, menyoo and OPEN IV has installed the 2 things it needs also, these all work fine and cause no problems. As soon as I add a mod RPF file, skyline R34 GTR or Laferrari for example. The game proceeds to crash a few seconds after single player is selected. Before the fresh re-install both the GTR and Laferrari were working perfectly.

    Any ideas as to what might be causing this? Please let me know if any log files or anything are needed to help with the diagnosis


  • Its probably that Script Hook V needs updating, every time Rockstar updates GTA V(The creator of SHV need to update it) You can downgrade but you won't have access to future GTA content.

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