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gta v how to install mods?

  • I have GTA v on my PC. But i want to add realistic graphics also with realism physics like people behavior and all other things i saw many videos but isn't there any way to install mod and uninstall like automatic. like any software or something? because whenever i try to do it i cant its hard to do in manually. thanks. SHAREit

  • physics, graphics and ai are all unique parts of the game and separately controlled. You're unlikely to find a mod that does it all. Most graphics mods utilise OpenIVs package installer, so that makes things a lot easier. Physics and AI are more integrated and hard-coded, so you can't really modify that. There are script mods that fine tune the AI within the limits of the game, and they are as simple as dropping the file into your scripts folder.

  • @danaiveys29 You aren't going to find any mod, for any game, that improves people behaviour. The AI for the NPCs is actually one of the things that make this game amusing and fresh. Out of the blue, the AI can lead to some pretty funny random stuff.

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