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I know this is a dumb question, but can you install mods on GTA5 If it is not the Steam version?

  • I'm not into all that computer jazz just install mods for fun. My steam version of GTA5 is trash for some reason so I'm buying a copy from Rockstarwarehouse in the form of PC download instead. Can I still modify it? Thanks https://19216801.onl/

  • Yes you can still modify it. Just remember that you don't go online with a modded system without disabling mods. As for your GTA V Steam version being total trash? You either have a bad installation or other system issues. The Steam version is no different from any other flavour - and no, I'm not a fan of Steam but yes I run GTA V on Steam at 60FPS with all the graphics at their maximum - modded, no crashing, no performance issues, at 2560 x1440.

    FWIW, whenever I've had issues with games a driver update or rollback will usually fix it. If you are using AMD drivers, my experience is that they are pretty buggy compared to nvidia - but that's just me. I use AMD CPU but will not buy their cards currently due to their drivers.

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