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script hook

  • Good evening I have downloaded the new version of the hook script as well as that of open4 but when I want to launch the games I receive a message that this is not the right version of the games I have tried everything but cannot launch the game could you help me please in advance thank you

  • @jerem89
    Scripthook hasn't been updated since the last GTA V patch. Just need to wait until that gets updated.

  • Scripthook needs to be updated for every gta 5 patch. There is only one person working on scripthook, You're going to have to wait for the scripthook update.

  • Is it possible to come up with some alternative to Scripthook V? Don't get me wrong, I'm very appreciative of Alex Blade's work, but the whole community is dependent on him having time to do it. Man....what would we do if he just decided he had more important things to worry about than updating Scripthook V?? Again, I'm really appreciative of his talent and constant willingness to update it this far, but we need to find something that the community can maintain so it doesn't all rest on a single person. Is it that no one else has been able to figure out how to code something like that yet? How many thousands of people are just hanging around waiting for Alex's schedule?

  • @Just_koz Since RS doesn't give a crap about SP, who cares about SH updates? SP is not changed, I don't play online, and if i did it wouldn't be modded, so I just restore my game files and I couldn't care less about the new SH - which apparently is just updated to check for the game version. GTA V is from 2013 and so is SH.

    Whenever I hear, or see, an update is in the process, it's like OMG, it will take me 10 seconds to copy over the backup game files and restore my mods and scripts.

    I could be wrong, but if the fix is just a version check, then it would be nice if he allowed the user to update an ini file for example with the new version. Maybe I'm missing something but again I just need the 2013 version of SH.

  • @JohnFromGWN I'm assuming you somehow play in offline mode then? I've tried downgrading my game version, but if I'm online of course it tries updating and for some reason it won't let me play in offline mode to avoid the update process (get an error every time saying it has to log in to SC to validate something something). I think it's more complicated that a version check. I had tried editing the SH dll file with Notepad ++ to hard code the version it was seeing and even tried editing the "version.txt" in update.rpf\common\data so if it checked there for it. None of it worked though. I saw an ASI loader support for RPH at gta5-mods.com/tools/asi-support-for-rage-plugin-hook but haven't tried it yet, maybe that would work.

  • @Just_koz I only play offline. I keep backups of my game files (just the exes) and then restore them after a Steam update. There shouldn't be any issue with playing online however, you just allow the update and play (ofc you remove SH and any files that could get you banned.

    I fully agree with you that the community is at the mercy of one person, but my workaround is not to depend on any updates of SH. Unless RS makes changes to SP, I'm not dependent on AB.

  • Just a follow up that the asi support for RPH does work. I'm able to use all my mods like Enhanced Trainer, etc. It would probably be slower for those using a lot of asi mods like LSPDFR, but it's a good workaround / alternative to Scripthook V if you want to play with your mods while waiting for SH.

  • New script hook is out

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