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Edit a ydr model to add a graphic logo overlay


    Okay so you know at the Los Santos International Airport there are several hangars... One has the Peagas logo, the one in the far right.... To the left of the Dinosoar catering building there is an unmarked hangar with spawning of vehicles inside. This hangar has no graphic / logo on the front of the hangar.

    I would like to ask someone to kindly assist me with editing the ydr model to add a graphic placement on this hangar.

    Can somebody help me? I have a dream. Haha.

  • @DarthPungz This Texture Toolkit may help with editing the embedded textures within the .ydr file



    Ty for the help.

    I know how to export, edit, then replace textures within a ydr file but I do not know how to add a new texture overlay location within the 3d model, like a graphic, a sign or something in a new location on the model.

  • @DarthPungz Oh, I see. I'm not sure of that's possible.

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