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Sign in problem

  • Hello to all,

    I've got a problem, when starting up the game
    As of a few months ago up to this day when the log in screen appears it says
    "you have been singed out" with no other option then to quit.

    alt text

    I use a launcher bypass (By now i tried both whom are on this website) and i think its because of this i'm not able to login, though it could be something else maybe?

    Thing is i do not want to play without the bypass as i do not want to update or lose any mods

    Anyone know how to solve this?


  • Which GTA V version (ie Steam/EG/SC) do you have and what game version are you on?

  • The Seven disc version and version 1.0.2060.0 (as far as i can see)

  • GTA V's current version is 1.0.2245.0. Yours is outdated. Don't look at the file that says version. Right click on GTA.exe and then click details. It'll tell you what version you're running on.

  • I know it is outdated, had no problems until around November/December.

    I know that is what i did, that is what the details say.

  • Download latest version of R* launcher and latest version of GTA V. We don't support outdated versions of the game. Scripthook has been updated yesterday. You should have no issues installing mods or playing with them.

  • Well, updating (sigh) was a great idea.

    Except that i cannot put any add on vehicle anymore in game or it crashes upon loading.
    And the bypass is dead.

  • @Godheim said in Sign in problem:

    Except that i cannot put any add on vehicle anymore in game or it crashes upon loading.
    And the bypass is dead.

    Nobody has a solution to these two problems?

  • @Godheim Every installation and configuration is different, so "virtual troubleshooting" isn't the optimal route. What I can share, from my limited experience, is you need to update your SHV file and add a gameconfig and heap limit adjuster. I don't use a packfile limit adjuster but you might need one as well. Search mods, install, and try. Error messages can be misleading and best advice is to install mods as per the mod's install instructions.

    For SHV go here to ensure latest version:

  • Ok, i tried the gameconfig and heap limit adjuster.

    The addon vehicles work, but now the game crashes after half an hour of gameplay (no matter what config i use).

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