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You have been signed out of Rockstar games social club

  • I keep getting this error message.

    What I have done so far:
    I have unistalled the game multiple times without success.
    I have deleted the Social Club folder under "Documents"
    I have deleted the GTAV folder in "Documents"
    I have logged out and logged back in again of the RGL.
    I have reinstalled the RGL
    I did check if the Rockstar gamne Service was setn to automatic.
    I tried starting the Rockstar game service manually
    I removed all mods
    I did execute the Steam "check integrity" option

    I can't start GTAV trough Steam anymore - it says I'm offline

    I can start GTAV trough the RGL - it starts and then comes the above error message.

    I hope anyone can help me

    Thank you!

    Error-message-screenshot: link text

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