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Game crashing after loading story mod only when I add a line to my Dlclist.xml (for my add-on cars)

  • Hello everybody,

    Since the last version of the game (2215) everything was fine. I had a lot of mod cars and the game launched well. When the new version came out (2245), I waited for the new version of the Script Hook V (2245) to be able to play again. When they released the new version, I replaced my Script Hook V and the game was ready to play. Eveythings worked but I noticed that all my mods cars were gone from the spawner of my native trainer (Meenyo). I had some vehicules saved and the names were still there but with "invalid" in bracket. I opened "OpenIV" to check my dlcpacks and all my car were inside this file. Then i checked my dlclist.xml and all the path for my add-on cars were gone, so i decided to test to re-add one add-on car (for example : <Item>dlcpacks:/chiron/</Item>)
    and after saving the modification I launched my Gta V, I selected story mod, the game was loading... and after maybe 10/15 sec (time usually needed to launch) my game closed/crashed (Before I can even play of course) without any error message. But if i don't add a line in this previous .xml folder, the game works totaly fine. Of course I'd like the to add back all my mod cars... Could someone help me for this issue i'm facing ? Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english.

  • Not 100% sure but get a game config, or if you already got one download the most recent version(Since the new update many mods had to be updated) I recommend F7YO's config

  • following. Not sure what else to try, I've done multiple game configs and their supporting mods...

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