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DirtLevelmax and Dirtlevel min, i need help to set them on the Vehicle.meta folder

  • What is the value to add to this 2 levels for make the car more dirty and faster to get dirt, thank you

  • You can script this.
    void SET_VEHICLE_DIRT_LEVEL(Vehicle vehicle, float dirtLevel) // 0x79D3B596FE44EE8B 0x2B39128B b323

    You can't use values greater than 15.0
    You can see why here: pastebin.com/Wbn34fGD

    Also, R* does (float)(rand() % 15) to get a random dirt level when generating a vehicle.

  • thank you, where i need to add this? on the vehicle.meta?

  • @andyfreeecs Oh, sorry, this would only be used if you are spawning your car with a script and if you want to use scripts in the first place. This means getting your feet wet with C# or another language. Let's see if anyone has a non-scripting solution.

    Edit: If you use a trainer, for example in Menyoo, Vehicle Options, Menyoo Customs, Paints, you will see paint fade and dirt level.

  • i opened with openIV a file called vehicle.meta in the Level folder and here i can set the value of dirtlevelmax and dirtlevelmin but i don't know how much value to put to make my car more dirty
    i have this:
    <dirtLevelMin value="0.000000" />
    <dirtLevelMax value="0.850000" />

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