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Pay developers for add on model on Patreon?

  • Is there anyone that we could pay to take requests and build models? Can't find anything about this in general google searches. I would be willing to pay $50 for each model that I'm looking for so long as it was a quality model with accurate lights/working dials etc. In example, a standard Pontiac Fiero (not the GT model currently out there) or a DC-3 plane. Has anyone heard of someone doing this?

  • I would recommend Terry Kaffarov, I pay for this Patreon. He makes them well, his request email is terry_requests@outlook.com(I don't know what he charges) Here's what he wrote for request: Hi, I'm Terry and I make skins for GTA V, All my skins are fully animated, with facial expressions.
    if you have a request, send an e-mail to terry_requests@outlook.com.
    Requests are paid separately from patreon, and the price depends on the request.
    and you only pay after i finish the work.

    Not sure if he doesn't objects, like a DC-3 plane(I only seen him do characters from other games and some weapons)

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