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[VEHICLE][WIP] AutoLvce Koala MK1 (lore-friendly 1988 FIAT Panda)

  • Hello there! First of all, the AutoLvce brand (vanilla version of FIAT) is an idea by Zio Ark, so all the credits go to him.

    This is not my first model, but is the first one that i actually want to bring in the game. Starting from a 1988 FIAT Panda 1000 Super, I've modeled this AutoLvce Koala using Blender. I know that I should have used ZModeler but it doesn't work right on my PC, even if it is quite powerful, and I find that software too hard.

    Now that I am in an advanced modeling phase, I'm having some problems, because I don't know how to make supensions, brake discs, brake calipers or the chassis, so it would be great if someone could help me. I'm doing my best, but I'm new to this world.

    Here are some images of the car:

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