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Where are the car sounds located? (Surano)

  • Hey, I was trying to change the sound of my modded BMW M5

    I Searched what sound my BMW is currently using and I found the following: <audioNameHash>SURANO</audioNameHash>

    So now I downloaded some .awc engine sound file.

    But where is that "SURANO" file and where do I have to copy the .awc file to?

    I was searching for over 2h now and couldnt find a solution.

  • @onlinemanni



    Changing the sounds in that file will change the engine sound for all vehicles that use that sound also, just so you are aware.

    These are the vehicles that use 'sportscar_5_eur_6_cyl.awc':


    You can always set their 'audioNameHash' line to something else if you don't like any of them having the new sound, so not a big issue :thumbsup:

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