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How do you become this ped without a mod?

  • Menyoo has an option called Become this Ped (steal soul).

    There is a function to change the player model, but does anyone know a function (not a mod) which allows the player to change into a ped, one that has been spawned by a script.

    So Game.Player.Character takes over/becomes PedNo1 for example.

    I'd like to be able to switch back and forth between one or more scripted Peds.

    Have searched the Natives database but nothing came up that seemed related.

  • @JohnFromGWN . Doing a text search on Menyoo source spits up:

    ok, i think i found something i can play with:

    soulswitchentity.Handle() = 0;
    sub::Spooner::SpoonerEntity spe;
    spe.Handle = playerPed;
    if (!(sub::Spooner::EntityManagement::GetEntityIndexInDb(spe) >= 0))

    		playerPed = PLAYER_PED_ID();

  • @JohnFromGWN ok was worth a try, compiled, no errors, but does nothing.

    PedPlayer = Game.Player.Character
    PedPlayer = Ped1

    (Ped 1 is already spawned)

    Going to bed, eyes and brain shutting down.

    update: realized that this isn't the right approach. Menyoo uses a database. So even if I could switch to a ped there would be the other issue of switching back to the original player. I can identify the ped because it is a variable but once the player is switched, how to get it back?

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