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Some Weapons Missing After Save-Relaunch or Character Swap

  • Hello there,

    I've googled on this topic and I couldn't find a solution to this.

    The version I have is 1.0.1180.2 and I don't/never use the online part of the game.

    Issue steps:
    I instigate a fight with hookers or randoms, they equip their switch blades, I knock them out.
    I take the switch blade, have fun ↦ Save Relaunch next day. Switch blade missing.
    Same problem when I swap to other characters and come back.

    The similar problem was also seen while I was fooling at the LOST's hangout, they dropped a red wrench, which I used and then went missing.

    I see on reddit and other sites that this issue is present on GTA V Online (thought I don't use online); and there doesn't seem to be a resolution for this.
    Did anybody else face this issue while playing the games? Is there a solution/mod you would recommend, (except upgrade, because I have older mods which I like and I don't want to break)

    I looked up jedijosh920 's Trainer and spawned all weapons. still those weapon I mention above are not present. Like what's the deal here. Are these weapons an one time thing?

    Thanks and kind regards

  • In the SP game,if your character purchase a weapon then you can have it forever,no matter what you do they will always be there. 
    But if you want to have online weapons in offline game,then you need a trainer to spawn them.  once you have your weapon,save them in the trainer,next time you start your game,load them from the trainer again to get them back.

  • @gentlejoey123458 Thanks, will use a trainer :)

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