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[VEHICLE] [WIP] AGR - Minitank Reskin/Redesign

  • Hello, I am a new modder and googling mod issues/guides (especially in relation to vehicles, weapons, etc) is excruciatingly painful and shallowly documented. With that being said I will get to the point. I have been working on porting the AGR from Black Ops II to GTA V, and it's been a fun project so far. I have been using the minitank as the base that the new AGR model replaces. I have a philosophy though, I don't want to do a replace - I want it to be an addon.

    Here comes the issue. After converting and pulling all the necessary files and packaging it into a nice neat little DLC, the vehicle is unusable. The vehicle will spawn but the trainer will refuse to spawn inside of the vehicle. Pressing the enter key crashes the game with an unknown error.

    I am implementing the following files:

    vehicles.rpf with - ytd/ydr

    I have also tried implementing a vehiclelayouts.meta as well to no avail.

    I have updated all references to the minitank/rctank to agr. I think part of the issue is that the player is invisible while driving the RC Tank, but nothing else in the heist3 dlc folder alludes to that. Do I need more advanced knowledge to proceed or does anybody have any ideas?

    Another separate issue is that the vehicle skin is set up exactly how I set up my FA38, but seems to have a (red?) unremovable perlescent in game - there is no defined carcol or carvariations. I have tried messing with some options but also stumped on that one.

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