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Did I make a mistake with Native UI Menu?

  • Ok, so I spent a couple hours creating a Native UI Menu in VB.Net from a C# Template. The image below shows the WIP, very simple but customized to my use.

    All good except when I got to the most important part. Capturing the selection and running the associated code. Why? Because the method from C# is not there for VB.Net. So I'm now thinking, does Native UI support VB.Net? If no, I'll rewrite everything in C#, if it does, can some kind soul provide some guidance?
    This is the code from the c# template. The missing method is OnItemSelect.

        var button1 = new UIMenuItem("Button 1", "Description for ~b~Button 1");         // Creates a button that displays text
        sub1.AddItem(button1);          // Adds the created item onto the menu/submenu
        sub1.OnItemSelect += (sender, item, index) =>           // Checks if the button is selected
            if (item == button1)        // If statement
                // Add code here

    alt text

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